Monday, December 10, 2012

What Santa's Workshop Looks Like

Do you share your home with young souls that currently have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads? (And by “young souls” I mean children. And by “sugarplums” I mean presents. And by “heads” I mean bee’s nests.)

Well, from now on your troubles will be miles away, my friend – MILES a way. Have I got a magical place for you! It’s called Blickenstaff’s; and a finer toy store you will not find in all of Utah and possibly the universe.


What’s kind of cool about Blickenstaff’s is that while you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a toy store nowadays, Blickenstaff’s carries hundreds of toys and candy items that cannot be found in the big box stores. Original and often vintage toys and candy. And I love that they have many of the toys actually out of the boxes, so you and your kids can get a hands-on experience with them to see if you like what you're buying.

Last year we nabbed one of these gems that almost 12 months later is still played with like it’s fresh out from under the Christmas Tree. Watch this video and be amazed at how cool it looks despite the obnoxious voice over.

Know what one of the most popular items is for this holiday season? I already asked for you. I was told that it’s this:

It’s called Spot It, and it’s selling like crazy-cakes. I bought one on the spot – on the spot! My kids have been playing it non-stop. I don’t know how to play it yet, because I’m too busy writing blog posts to sit down and do that. But I hear lots of laughter behind me as I type away.

We recently went to the Blickenstaff’s in Provo and as we walked outside, into the beautifully well-lit Riverwoods, there was Santa, just sitting there by a fire. My four year old, Becca, ran up onto his lap. This was their discussion, and I’m not making this up.

Santa: What would you like for Christmas, Becca?
Becca: Everything inside Blickenstaff’s.

Santa didn't respond, because evidently, when you’re Santa, that mantle comes with the gift of restraint. He just laughed like a bowl full of jelly as he looked me in the eye, as if to say, "Nice goin', slick. Take your daughter directly from the toy store to Santa's lap. First time at the rodeo?" 

"Not completely, Fat Man," I wanted to say. "I'll be back for my free pound of bulk candy, sucka!"

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