Wednesday, December 19, 2012

why i missed my deadline

Wednesdays are my day to post in Part Time Authors, but yesterday I totally spaced it. Even after my phone reminded me to do it! Usually Patrick's mom calls to remind me to post (she can't get enough of my posts, you guys!) but I declare she's on vacation.

Another part of the reason why I forgot to post is that I have so much going on! I'm so busy, everyone. I'm the busiest person of all time. You think you're busy? Whoo-boy! You ain't seen nothing! I'm so busy that I barely have any time to write this today. And I'm so busy to even think about how busy I am. I'm just super, super busy. I may not even finish this post. No exaggeration. Christmas - such a busy time! You guys have no idea. Take however busy you are and TRIPLE IT!!!!

Here are some of the things I had to do yesterday:

1. Eat some Candy Cane Joe Joe's
2. Fire a dude
3. Eat this massive Hawaiian food lunch
4. Meet with students and make them cry
5. Hug a stranger
6. Listen to Josh Groban's song from "The Polar Express" and stick scissors in my ears
7. Worry about Tim Tebow's future
8. Parent all my kids (more every day!)
9. Think of others
10. Finish making a quilt for every one of my neighbors (shhhh! Secret Santa!)

So that's it. I shouldn't apologize. It's just that Christmas is upon us! And I barely have time to think of myself! Go, go, go! I'm so busy. So, so busy. Hang on, my phone is ringing and I really need to take this

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