Tuesday, December 11, 2012

You Want Gift Ideas?!

You've come to the right place.

Alright let's get started.  You got crap you gotta get done and frankly it's December 11th, some people are done will all this, but not you. So let me knock out your perfect gifts and then you can move on to other blogs that are doing nothing to get you ready for the big day...not us...that's why you came here first.

You sort of like them, but the real point is you need to be prepared if they come over and give you something you need something thoughtful and generic.

Boom!  The Monogram Mug, easy you don't even have to know the persons first name, just give them the first letter you see on the mail box.  Or if you really don't know these people, get a "Q", it's a charming letter also, looks adorable filled with Q-tips in the guest bathroom...and you thought this was going to be a funny, not helpful post...wrong again lady.

I do recommend reading yesterdays post by Ken, it's magic.  But if you are over your budget in magic, then might I suggest, a book:

The Little Prince.  It's an amazingly beautiful pop-up book with lots of pictures and words, so if you are looking for your youngest or dumbest child, get them a Monogram Mug...least they'll learn one letter.

You know the one I'm talking about, she's nice but only comes to Sunday dinner like three times a year, and you drew her name and now you're at a loss because you know your brother is waiting to see if you really like her or not.  Easy.

It's one of these vases.  BLAM-O! No, really, that Tiffany Blue Vase with the Coral Chrysanthemum is $28.00 and she will die, it shows you think she has swuper cute taste and that you and her do have one thing in common. It's that vase.

You love her and she is off in DC, still single, and living the sexy life you once had before you married me.  Well, PTA comes through for you here too.

It's this sweater, now you're thinking "A sweater? Really, I mean, it's a cute one, but for my baby sister?"  YES.  She is out there all alone and for some reason is looking rock star sexy, this sweater gives the gift of style mingled with modesty, a little baggy, a little boob snugging, she'll love it and you will have done your part.
You're welcome.

Luckily she's easy, she's been dropping hints since October, but she's right. You knew it before she told you.

Royal Apothic Conservatory Collection Eau De Parfum: Noble Carnation.  For reals I have smelled this stuff and it is intoxicating. Also I have smelled your mom and she thinks she smells like this, but she doesn't, she will love it and so will your dad...gross.


He wants a flat screen.  Nothing funny there.  I wish I could be more help, but you chose him, luckily you only said, " 'till death do you part." That way you can shop around Heaven and find a guy who wants this for Christmas:

A Bamboo Mouse and Keyboard.  But no.  He wants a flat screen.  The one tip I can give you is that he wants it bigger then the one he has, also to find that measurement, use your fabric tape measurer (your grandmothers) and measure diagonally across the screen, just the screen sweetie, then take that number to the guy at Best Buy and tell him the next one up from that, he'll know what to do.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at PTA! 

*All the afore mentioned gifts can be got at your local Anthropologie...where else.

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