Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best of 2012: TV

Everyone at PTA is a bit of a TV Junkie, some more than others. I am a bit obsessed. When the Entertainment Weekly Fall TV preview comes out, I literally get highlighters and use a spreadsheet to plot out which shows we will DVR (Parenthood, Top Chef) , which we will catch up watch online (The Glee Project) and which we will wait for on Netflix (Breaking Bad, Revolution.) So me picking a favorite TV show is tricky, because I love so many different shows for different reasons.

And as Chris said yesterday, we love and welcome your comments. They validate us, let us know what you like and what you don't and help us know that we aren't just sending these posts out into the void. I promise that we won't keep begging for comments every day (let's be honest, its a little pathetic and needy seeming.) but don't be shy. Weigh in.

I struggle to recommend my favorite show, because I know it is definitely not for everyone, but when I think about which sow I would immediately watch when it appeared on my DVR, it was The Walking Dead. It's not for everyone: incredibly violent, pretty gross and incredibly violent. But it makes me sit up in my seat in shock. The end of season 2, which aired at the beginning of 2012, had two moments that were totally unexpected and made me gasp out loud.  No one seems safe on this show - good guys die regularly and if they live they often do things that make you question how good they are.

Guilty Pleasure: Happy Ending I don't know anyone else who watches this show. Its a wacky comedy about 6 friends and is definitely played in a zany style. No one really talks that way, I know. But it consistently makes me giggle.

Ken's picks:

Best: Parks & Recreation. Why? Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer. And Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle. And a splash of Rob Lowe.

Guilty Pleasure: I am realizing I don’t watch that much TV. Maybe that’s what I should feel guilty about! And I want to apologize to….I guess whoever is offended by that. I have been catching up quite a bit lately on Psyche episodes. I’ll say I feel guilty I was ever so far, far behind on those.

Patrick's picks:

Best:  The Mindy Project. I die.  She gets to write her own ticket and on her own ticket Mindy Kaling writes herself as a valley girl OBGYN...come on, it practically writes its self.  This opening scene where she wakes up her boyfriend while wearing his shirt, she's super cute and they both think it's super cute, then he accidentally puts on her pants and she is horrified, he tries to recover by saying, "This is what we're doing, you wear my shirt and I wear your pants." To which she responds, "What I am wearing is adorable, what you're wearing is an ad for Lap Band Surgery!"--forever made me a fan...of the show and it's beautifully witty writer.

Runners up: Happy Endings (Every week, Josh...every week), The New Girl, and Shaun the Sheep (go find think it's for kids but you will laugh every episode...every single one.)

Guilty Pleasure: Nashville. I die. First off Connie...WHAT?! She beguiles and she can't even really sing...though they let her.  The music is good, like go download after the episode good, and I'm super in to Hayden Panettiere's super mean Taylor Swift! I didn't think I would like her and turns out...she's good, they all are and you are missing something if you are thinking, "Who needs a Country version of Glee?" It's's better!

Brett's picks:

Best: Sherlock. I love this show so much that I get angry every year when it's only three episodes. Three brilliant two hour episodes that will make you laugh, cry, and poop.

Guilty Pleasure: American Horror Story: Asylum. This stupid scary show. I really love it and I feel horrible because I'm sure it does nothing for my spiritual well-being but stomp on its face.

Topher's picks:

Best: My favorite show of the year is New Girl. Nothing makes me laugh like it does, and no show has the caliber of across-the-board casting that it has. I love every character, and they all make me laugh. I know I’m supposed to hate Zooey Deschanel, but I can’t. I still think she’s funny. I also loved Parks and Rec and 30 Rock, but I always have and probably always will. Even though 30 Rock is ending.

But judging a comedy with a drama is also like apples and oranges. I loved some good dramas this year: Mad Men, Downton Abbey, and my current favorite: Nashville.

Guilty Pleasure: Portlandia. This show is silly and quirky and ridiculous, but it’s also kind of genius. How Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein can come up with that many eccentric characters is beyond me. And when I visited Portland in September and actually ran into just about all of these characters? Amazing. PUT A BIRD ON IT!!!

So there you have it. What do you agree with? What did we miss? Please let us know in the comments! Don't be shy!!
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