Ken spent his childhood in Westlake Village, California and the tiny Hawaiian island of Molokai - that's right. The Leper Island. He is an alum of  BYU with a BA in Advertising, and is married to his astonishing wife, Katie. Ken divides his time between raising seven kids, working 4 or 5 full-time jobs, being the Bishop of his LDS congregation and promoting world peace through the power of racket ball. He also blogs at The Craig Report

Patrick is a bon-vivant, man-about-town, lyricist,  rapscallion, epicure, improvisational comedian, gastronome, fashion-icon, sybarite, musical prodigy, impresario and gubernatorial candidate. He is married to his beautiful wife Lindsay and is the dad to two amazing kids.

Topher is a native Utahan. He met his wife Lisa in a stage play of the Old Testament where he played the devil, and Lisa was a chicken on Noah’s Ark. Topher graduated with an MFA in directing Shakespeare at the University of Exeter in England, and is finishing his PhD in Theatre Education. He is a full-time professor of acting at Utah Valley University. 

Josh is an aspiring author but keeps getting distracted from finishing (or starting) his Great American Novel by his three spirited kids and a pesky full-time job in retail. He was born and raised in Utah and despite several attempts to leave, is now happily settled in Salt Lake City in a split-level Seventies home named La Settanta. Follow him on twitter @joshmbigham and Instagram @jooshanoosh

Brett was born in Salt Lake City and lived in twelve different homes and four different states by the time he was nineteen. He likes to think this made him adaptable. Brett has a bachelors in English and is a Content Marketing Director by day. A huge supporter of and participant in the performing arts, he spends his spare time writing, acting, improvising, and watching a lot of TV and films. He lives in Provo, Utah with his wonderful wife and two kids. He is on Twitter here: @someguybrett

Ken, Patrick, Topher and Josh were contributing essayists to the book Tell Me Who I Am. It is a group of stories, some funny, some heart felt about life, parenthood, Mormonism and families.

Buy the book on Amazon here. Or see it on Goodreads here. Feel free to visit these sites and leave glowing 5 star reviews. 
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