Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nowhere To Go From Here

Here's the thing, there is this lady at my work who eats for lunch, like, a blue berry and a dash of oats, every day, all day long she is digesting grain and veggies and fruit.  So here's the rub, she comes to work after New Years and we start talking about our resolutions and she goes in to this whole monologe about how she is going to be...kind.  Her 2013 is going to be focused on being a good person, she looks in on the elderly woman next door already, but now she wants to do more.  She wants to be open to new ideas and new people and let this year be the one where she connects with people, and I thought, "Oh, it's cause you have nowhere else to go."  I mean, her trouble is, she eats too well.  That's what New Years is for, we all commit for another year to eat better, but when a person genuinely eats well already, the only next step is to better themselves for reals...no thanks.

I promise this year to eat nothing but the bottom of the pyramid and never eat anything that tastes good and always leave the table hungry and get so super skinny that people ask me if I'm feeling well.


Ditto for next year.

Sure beats making a commitment to being genuine, friendly, interested, thoughtful and of good report...it's like, if you can't do it, why make the goal. Pull yourself together.

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