Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Finding Fall

This morning it rained.  I have been out of town and it was so nice to be home and look into the faces of the people I love the very most in the world.  My wife and I super love the Fall, so when it rained we donned we now our harvest apparel and headed out to do the most fall of activities...school shopping. Now, our daughter is three.  She is going to be attending Pre School for two days a week at three hours a time.  She needed new clothes. Buckets of them. So there we were...at the mall...sweatered and buying more sweaters when the sun broke through the clouds and scorched the last of the mums off our porch.

I guess what the sun was saying is, "Sit down, it's not Fall yet."  We had to come home and every member of the family had a costume change.  Shorts back on, corduroy back in the drawer.

I love living in a place where there are four seasons. We haven't always and it is something that I have come to appreciate.  But our excitement for the up coming Fall is palpable.  We just moved and we now live in a Fall Disney setting: in the mountains, covered with broad-leafed trees, on a collage campus. If you were to go to Wal-Mart and have your picture taken in the photo studio, they would pull down a back drop and our house would be in it. We can not wait.

Fall food is the most comforting.

Fall fashion is the most interesting.

Fall colors are the most flattering to my autumnal complexion.

Fall has the best Holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving, yes winter has Christmas and New Years, but it needs them or we'd all go skating off a cliff by January 2nd.

Fall has back to school and with it the promise of reinvention (with a wardrobe to support my new self)

I guess I woke up ready for the season to begin and the lingering summer had other plans, but it's fine, I can wait...I'm just going to do it with the AC cranked all the way up so I can sit next to my crackling fire.    
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