Wednesday, September 4, 2013

budget cuts

So here I am plugging another episode of Pretty Darn Funny in which I appear. Since my "behind the scenes" post was such a huge hit two weeks ago I thought I would do it again. Bear in mind that sadly I'm in this episode far less than the last one, so I don't have as much to say about what happened behind the scenes. But the stuff I DO have to say will BLOW YOUR MIND.

:19   We shot this episode months before the movie cheating one, and I had grown a beard for my tantalising role as Paul the Apostle in the Church New Testament series (wait for that behind the scenes, yo!) We had to make up a line later about why I suddenly had a beard. Movie magic!

:43 I think HOOLISTER is the funniest thing in this episode.

1:20   There's that clever line I told you about! See how Hollywood works? It lies to you.

1:52   What's up with the zipper on my jeans? DON'T LOOK!

2:28  That's my little Phoebe in the red glasses. She's so cute and she loved being in this episode. This lunchroom, by the way, was my garage. They literally moved the garbage cans to shoot in there.

3:10  There are 30 people standing behind the camera for this scene. I remember them shooting it. You would never know! Isn't the silver screen fascinating?

3:48   That's not my silhouette. That's Jared Cardon, one of the producers. I had to go to rehearsal.

4:00  I was earnestly trying to do a Napoleon Dynamite impression. Lucky it turned out so bad!


6:20  This was an awesome bit of photo shopping. They used a family photo of ours, but photo shopped our actor kids' faces over our real kids' faces. And they added a beard to me. I didn't have one at that time.

6:34  This was filmed in our TV room. They added some fancy hipster metallic siding.

6:35  This, ladies and gentlemen, is PTA's very own Patrick Livingston.

7:22   Patrick and Lisa's timing is perfect here.

7:28  This was filmed at night. That sunlight is fake. Movies - they really take you to another world!

7:33  Is that you, Colonel Sanders?

8:15  My fingers never stop being creepy.

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