Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Your Husband Should Be Wearing This Fall

There are so many reason to love fall. But don't you think the best one is fall clothes? Sure, if you are super fit and look great in tank tops and short shorts, you probably love summer. But if you are me, and you are a little rounder and softer, you look better with a few more layers to hide how many pumpkin flavored desserts you ate the night before.

Who doesn't love sweaters and blazers and woolly hats and corduroy and boots?? WHO, I ASK YOU?! (I don't want to know who.) Every year I start wearing all my fall clothes far too early (when the temperature drops to 82 degrees) but today in my neighborhood it was chilly and rainy and felt like the right time to bust out some fall-wear.

I know that this blog is mostly read by women (70% of you in fact!!) but if you want to know what YOU should wear, ladies, you are going to have to wait for Patrick to post about that. He's the real fashion expert here. But I'm a man and I like clothes. And I like to look put together, but not too crazy. So I'm here to tell you how to update your husband's wardrobe so all the gents at the office can tell him he's fashionable and up to date. As the gents at the office are want to say. (Read my previous fashion advice columns here and here.)

1. Chambray
From J. Crew. So so pretty.

Say it with me: "SHAM-bray." This is what we liked to call a denim shirt back in the 90s when Brandon Walsh tied one around his waist over a peach tank top. But chambray is a little bit lighter and more refined than denim. If you follow one piece of advice from this blog, make it the chambray shirt. It's a wardrobe essential. I'll admit, I have a full on Chambray addiction. I currently have 7 of them, and there is one at my store I am eyeing to add to the collection. You can dress it up with a pair of dress pants and a blazer and a tie. You can wear it with jeans as long as the tones of denim are different (wear the shirt above with dark denim.) Or put it under a sweatshirt or sweater. Go get one. Today. 

2. Camo
STAY WITH ME HERE! Maybe it's because we are a nation perpetually at war, but camo is crazy in this fall. I know what you are thinking, "But my husband only wears camo cargo shorts and I hate them!" But trust me. Camo is more refined, dressy and super wearable. If you are me, you would wear these camo skinny chinos.
Via Old Navy
Wear them with a chambray shirt (see what I did there?) or a navy blue sweater and you're good to go. If camo pants are a little too G.I. Joe for you, try a camo polo.
From Banana Republic
Or a camo skinny tie
Also Banana Republic. I need to go buy this.
If it's subtle and mixed in with the rest of your outfit, it looks current and modern, without looking like you are storming the beaches of Normandy. Just don't wear the camo all together, unless you are hiding in the woods in a really chic way.

3. Fair Isle
If the idea of camo is too terrifying to you, the second most important pattern this fall is called Fair Isle. It's named after a small island off the coast of Scotland guessed it, Fair Isle!! Its usually alternating colors in a geometric pattern like this:
God bless, J. Crew. Also, do you see what's underneath? CHAMBRAY!
Or this
Thanks, H&M
Or this
Are you kidding me, Banana Republic?

Or again, if you don't want to commit to a whole big sweater, get a cool knit tie and wear it with a white shirts and dark denim. 
Banana...are you seeing a pattern?
4. Crazy Socks
This is the bargain entry to fall fashion. Can't afford that $248 J. Crew sweater? Then get these moustache socks from Target
Or these ones from Old Navy
It's a way to add a little color and personality to your wardrobe, even if you work in a boring office. If you're in the Advanced Fashion class, roll your jeans up an inch or so so the socks pop out. Or just let them show when you are sitting in a meeting with your legs crossed.

5. Boots
Stop the presses!! Josh is declaring that boots are a fall trend!! I know, I know. But if your boots were bought when we had a Republican president, it's time to update. And if you are only going to buy one (or two) pairs of boots, here are some options:
Clarks. Via Piperlime. PS. This Ox Blood color is also SUPER on trend. For you too, ladies.

Chukkas are ankle boots with 2 or three holes for lacing and they were popular in the 40s and 50s and are popular now. I don't know why they are called chukkas, but I don't care. They are so pretty.

Or you could get something a bit more rugged and chunky, like this
Frye. Via Piper Lime. Via my heart. 
I don't even know what to say about these, other than that they probably cause world peace, cure cancer and render the wearer impervious to harm.

So that's it. Chambray, camo, fair isle, crazy socks and boots. Your man can handle that, right? You can even wear almost all of them in the same amazing fall-tastic outfit. Just don't do fair isle and camo at the same time. The gents in the office wouldn't like that. 
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