Wednesday, September 18, 2013


We have been talking about an important thing in our family: journaling! Nobody in my family likes to journal except Lisa, who just likes to show off how fancy her handwriting is. But we're trying to get the kids to write in journals so that 25 years from now they will see how ridiculously obsessed they were with Pokeman and Minecraft once upon a time, and hopefully apologize to us.

The kids seemed genuinely interested when I told them that I kept a journal spanning my 5th to 6th grade years, and they wanted to see it. I searched everywhere for it, but no avail. The good news, however, is that in my search for that journal I found my 2nd grade journal, which I forgot I ever even had! So it was a lucky strike. Anyway, I read my 2nd grade journal with them, and, as it happens, it's really entertaining. I wanted to share some of the entries with you.

Before I do that, you should know that three things apply to this journal:

1. About 65% of the words are spelled wrong. Someone should have beat me for my spelling.
2. All the posts are basically one sentence long.
3. About 65% of the posts end with the phrase "it was fun." I bet you dollars to donuts that not everything we did in 2nd grade was fun, but you wouldn't know that from my journal! 

Anyway. Here it is. A year in the life:

Aug. 29: Today is the first day of school. I have a nice teacher and nice people.

Sept. 4: Today we went in the gym and did exercises. It was great fun. PS. It really made us strong.

Sept. 10: Today

Sept. 16: Today we danced to The Monster Mash (editor's note: a little too early for a Halloween song?)

Sept. 18: Today we got some weeds and berries and glued them on a paper.

Sept.20: Today I learned a disco dance. It was fun.

Oct. 8: Today was Phaedra's un-birthday and Columbus Day and we had a substitute.

Oct. 18: Today we went walking on a field trip. We looked at houses. (wow- super lazy teacher!)

Nov. 7: Today we had a fire drill but it was just a practice. 

Dec. 12: Today we saw the handicapped children do the play "The Littlest Angel."

Jan. 16: Today we

Jan. 24: NO TIME

Jan 25: Today I saw a bird's nest. I tried to get it down but I couldn't.

Jan 30: Today a girl named Anna picked in a hat. It said sun, but I was on snow. (This might be my favorite. What the?)

Feb. 1: Today we listened to Shannon's scary story. It was scary.

Feb 11: Today our record player popped and Tracy got hurt. We had a popcorn party and a treat. It was fun. (I remember the record player incident. She got shocked because she was playing with the cord and the outlet.)

Feb 20: Today Miss Virgin changed her name to Miss Stoddard. It hailed, too. (We could not figure out why Miss Virgin would legally change her name! It was weird.)

March 18: Today I got a star on my chart because I ate all my lunch.

March 26: Today we got paper mache and newspaper  and dipped in it and put it on a balloon and let it dry.

April 22: Today it was VERY WINDY! Last night it was windy, too. Like a tornado! When I was walking to school it sounded loud!

April 23: Today we read that Charlie got a golden ticket.

May 6: Today I got bit by a bird!

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