Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Because Josh Told You...

You guys,

I super just finished the BEST book.  Hands down, uh-the-BEST! And you know how when you finish a good book it's like you invented reading and you are probably the first person to read this amazing book you found off the New York Times Best Seller list?  Well, that's how this book went down, even though Josh totally told us all to read this book here.

So it's a book about kids with cancer.  Two teenage kids with cancer.  A girl with cancer and a boy with cancer.  And yes, it is super sad. And yes, you cry when you are in public reading it on your lunch break.  But also, it's so funny, and so well written. The voice of Hazle, the girl with cancer, who tells this story is so very funny and smart (too smart, perhaps, for a teenager) and you fall in love with her on the first page.  That is all I ever ask of a book, to have me love it on the first page. Don't hand me some book and tell me that you have to read a few chapters before I really get into it. That book is called a coaster. Nope, I need a book to tell me, in the first moments of reading, that I am gonna want to take the time to finish this book.

So, I would love to tell you all about it!  I mean I could talk about it for days, but you haven't read it and maybe to don't read books because you are behind on 'The Call of the Midwife'  (you should also be watching that, it's a British TV show about Midwives in the 50's in the East end of London...it practically writes it's self!) but this book is written in such a easy voice that you can blow right through it.  It took Lisa Clark two days to read it cover to cover, and you're just as smart as her!

So, my name is Patrick and I just read 'The Fault in Our Stars' by John Green and I loved it.  It's a book about two kids with cancer and I couldn't get enough. I hope you go down to your local library and check this one out...but you don't have to take MY word for it!

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