Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer, I love you.

This is what we've been doing at my house lately. A little bit of this
and some of this
and a whole lotta this
Yep, we're sliding down rainbows. 
It's been pretty amazing. Schools been winding down, the weather has been hot and every day the kids want to run through the sprinklers. Which means my lawn gets watered and I get to sit on my shady back porch and read a book or check Facebook and sip an icy Diet Coke. And that, to me, is heaven.

When I was younger, I loved fall. I loved the clothes and the sitting by the fire and cuddling under a blanket on a rainy day. But fall is a young man's game. In the fall, my kids are stuck inside with me all day, they fight over who's turn it is to play Pokemon Tower Defense, the hot chocolate is too hot and they've taken all the blankets to make a fort. 

So now it is summer for me, all the way. I love to see my yard turn green. I love mowing my lawn and listening to a podcast. I love that I don't feel so guilty if my kids want to play a video game, because they have been outside for the last hour jumping on the trampoline and let's be honest, it's hot out there. I love that my kids can go outside and jump on the trampoline. I love the prospect of a vacation where I can sit on my butt for a week and read. (I have 2 planned this year!! One in two weeks and one in a month!!) I love that I'm not freezing when I get out of bed in the morning. I love my swamp cooler.  I love wearing jorts. I love running when it is warm and drinking out of the garden hose when I am done. I love tomatoes. I love that when I have a day off, the kids get up and go watch TV and I don't have to wake up and get them ready and off to the school bus. I love that there is no homework. I love that it is sunny and light. I love drinking 400 Diet Cokes in a day, because let's be honest, it's hot out there.

So welcome, Summer! Let's all raise a glass of hose water and toast this wonderful season. In about 2 weeks it will probably be 108 and my swamp cooler will make the doors in my house stick closed because it will run 24 hours a day and I will wake up sweaty and it will be too hot to run. But for now, let's let summer be the glorious, happy wonderful promise. 
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