Monday, June 17, 2013

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

Perhaps the stars are all aligning, or perhaps it’s just coincidence (yeah, right), but I have recently had four different individuals text, email, or Facebook me that Katie and I (or in one case, my daughter, Abbie) were prominently featured in their dreams. I KNOW!

Dreams can be confusing, so I will now interpret them for you, using the exact words in which my friends reported their dreams. Please note, these are legitimate, and I did not make up one word of their dreams.

First, we’ll hear from our long-time friend, Teddi:
Don't worry about another baby coming, Ken! In my dreams last night I helped Katie deliver. Everything turned out fine. Even though there were wild animals chasing us. – Teddi

Interpretation: Simple. Teddi had just watched the deleted scene in 17 Miracles where a pioneer woman delivers a baby in an out of control handcart, while wild buffalo are in pursuit. Then she went right to bed, and her subconscious mind went here.

Next, from my friend, Chandi:
Um, I had a dream last night that you guys lived by my parents in Cedar City and you almost had to move out cuz you were an artist and out of cash, but luckily Huey Lewis stopped by at midnight on the last night and wanted a super nice painting that he paid a lot of cash for. And you had pets in the form of giant snakes roaming around your house. The end. From, Chandi 

Interpretation: Chandi knows I have seven children and that we are expecting an 8th in November. To her, this is dangerous! Having 8 children around is like having giant snakes in your house! Things get broken, messes are made, and people may get eaten. That’s a no brainer. But what Chandi may be surprised to learn – what she couldn't possibly have known! – is that I have tickets to the Huey Lewis concert in Salt Lake on July 23. And I’m not going for the music. I’m going because that rat-b owes me money for one of my amazing original paintings!

Next is this sweetie, Camille:
You and Abbie were in my dream last night!  I was in a blue family reunion t-shirt at a hotel. You guys got off in blue family reunion shirts too.  We were laughing at how funny we were, both there in similar shirts. Then i started to cry. U asked why & i said cause i miss u guys soooo much!  then we hugged  ;) i woke up sad...& missing u guys!

Interpretation: Well, once you stop crying from how sweet this is, I’ll tell you what’s going on here. Ready? Camille and I are secretly brother and sister. I never told her before, because I didn't think she could handle it. But the public forum of this blog seems like the perfect place to do it. 

And finally, a doozy from our dear friend, Jonelle; who, bless her heart, wrote out in detail this peculiar dream:

Yes, it is 6:52 in the morning, and I am writing. I have seminary carpool this morning, and this was a great time in between pickups to share the dream I had last night.

I don’t know if you could really call it a dream. It was like an all night montage. Don't pay attention to the numbers.  Also, there is no order to what I am writing.

1. First, You guys were in a Broadway production of Gone with the Wind. It was performing in Utah, and you had farmed out your kids to various people for the year … YES THE YEAR! 

2. So, you guys were of course Scarlett and Rhett and you were ALWAYS in character. Always. Costumes and all. And Ken, your mustache looked just like that picture of yourself that was in your room when I helped you guys move. I am not judging.. I am just sad that I think it was thrown away! 

It was not thrown away, Jonelle. 

So, Ken was answering all pertinent questions, with. "Frankly Dear, I don't give a damn, and to Katie (er, Scarlett) everything and everyone was addressed, as "Oh, Ashleyyyyyyy," Get this- you asked to borrow the church keys while you were visiting so you could rehearse the vase smashing scene in the Relief Society room. You guys were very serious about your craft, and I am sure I made you chitlin's and a ham hock for dinner. (This was not in the dream, just an assumption based on facts.)

3. I was awoken very early in the morning with a phone call. On the other end it was just someone crying, sobbing really, and I could not understand them, nor did I recognize the number. I hung up and panicked, as Bert [Jonelle’s husband] is on his way up to Reno to train the NV Highway Patrol. I thought maybe it was a dispatcher who had called and something had happened to them. So, I called dispatch and asked, and she coldly told me that no one had called, but since my husband was technically missing (WHAT?) that they were revoking federal security for our family.

4. At that moment, men in black from head to toe came to my house (which upon opening the front door, and seeing them come up the PORCH STAIRS, I realized was the Huxtable's house!  THEO??? Where are you, you big strong black man, come save me!) Anyway, they started taking off the screens and the actual windows, and so we had no glass, and the curtains blew in the wind. It was a horrible, vulnerable feeling! 

5. At that point, Angie [our mutual friend and neighbor] came running inside very upset, because she had received a call from someone sobbing too, and it was my best friend Paula (Who lives in Kazakhstan, or one of the stans) and she was so mad at me for not being kinder to her when she called, and how she had to call her (Angie) for support. (To my knowledge, they do not know each other) She explained that Paula had an ectopic pregnancy, and they had to take out her uterus and ovaries. I was so sad! Angie continued to berate me, sobbing and crying for a long time. And she was dressed in a business suit/skirt because she was going to give Harry Reid a piece of her mind when she got to work…which was in the senate!!!

6. So, all the while you guys continue in character, and are just "around" staying at our house. I remember one moment where I made you a veggie scramble and eggs, as you guys ran your lines at the breakfast table (still the Huxtable's).

7. Bert comes up from the basement (remember, where Dr. Huxtable's office was?) and he is in his greens and had a look of panic. He said that the fed's were after him, and he has to "lie low for awhile" because they possibly think he murdered someone.

You guys were leaving for your next city, and we said our goodbyes. (At no point were my children or yours anywhere to be seen.)

8. After you left, you sent Maya Rudolph to work for me- as a thank you gift. Her gift and talents were two-fold, as she was not only a maid, but an acting coach. You guys said I had "untapped potential" based on your knowledge of my past PAT [from SNL] performances. You wanted her to train me, and then join you guys on the road. (Prissy maybe? I do love saying, in Prissy voice, "But Miss Scarlett, I don't know nothin' about birthin' no babies!") Maya was dressed in too-small sweats and a peace sign shirt with a head wrap like Mammie's. She did carry a broom and mop. I remember being disappointed since "Up All Night" jumped the shark before its first season was over. I had been highly annoyed by her.
So, that's it folks. Let's just say, should you ever doubt that you are missed, please know you are alive and well in my dreams! Love, Jonelle

Interpretation: Actually, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory.

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