Wednesday, June 19, 2013

hugh head

My son Hugh is 8 years old, and he's pretty awesome. His awesomeness dwarfs yours and mine combined, and there's still room to be awesome. Now that it's summer time he doesn't stop moving. Are you interested in how his brain works? If you were to insert yourself inside his brain, what would it sound like? Read on!

"My name is Hugh. It's like a HUG with another H. It's like Hugh Jackman. He was Wolverine. He has knives coming out of his hands! Popsicle. I want to jump on the trampoline. I can almost do a backflip. I need to practice my backflip! Why are there pine needles on this trampoline? Where's that broom? I am going to sweep off this trampoline, and then leave the broom on the grass. It will be picked up and put away by a magical ghost. Popsicle. No - otter pop! I am eating an otter pop. It is cold. My tongue is blue. What should I do about this wrapper? Oh, well! I am practicing my backflip. I want to go on the swings. I can go super high. I need to pee. Oh, here's a bush. I am climbing into my tree house. It is a Death Star. This pool noodle is a light saber. No! It's a shoto. I mean it's a light saber. I'm attacking these leaves. I am Indiana Jones. This pool noodle is a snake. Popsicle. I need to drink some root beer super bad. I had cheerios for breakfast with no milk on them.  My brothers are teenagers. I have a sister. Wait! I have two sisters. I have two dollars. I can buy two packs of Skittles. I will share one with my cousin. Well, maybe if I feel like it. I look like my Grandpa. I need to go get a snowcone. I have two dollars! I am going to put this sprinkler under the trampoline and turn it on. The water is poison and I have to jump over it! I mean it's acid! I am Frodo. I have to jump over this acid lake. Fourth of July. Popsicle. I am taking off my shoes. I will just put them here on the grass. I will pick them up late- look! a hang glider! I can do that! I'm on the swing. I'm flying like a hang glider! I watched all the Lord of the Rings movies and they're PG-13. I have forty-five things in my pocket."

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