Friday, November 1, 2013

I'm in a Stately Type state of mind

One of my friends, Mr. David Lesue, is a graphic and UX designer. His latest project has gotten me and a lot of others very excited about the country we live in. No it's not a political stance, it's hand-lettered t-shirts of all the states in the Union.

Dave says on his Kickstarter page:

"The inspiration for this project came from my love of hand-lettered type and from my fascination with the iconic shapes of state boundaries. By combining those two elements, I've come up with something that looks stunning—maps of the individual states, and of the United States as a whole that feel very personal, distinctive, and hand-crafted."

So please give the video a watch and consider helping get this project funded. A $25 donation gets you a shirt and the satisfaction of helping a beautiful project come to life.

I mean look at some of these! I'll definitely be getting my Utah on but I'm considering many others just because of how cool they are. From what I understand, there could be additional colors added in the future.

Stately Type kickstarter t-shirts

Anyway, have a happy weekend and do something amazing, if you want.

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