Thursday, November 14, 2013

5 Things to Do this Weekend

Since I am posting so late tonight, I thought I would give you some things to keep you entertained this weekend. Dream of these 5 while you get through the Friday work doldrums to get to Saturday (unless you work on Saturday, which I usually do, those this week I don't. FTW!)

1. Go to If you've been anywhere near FB this week, you've already seen this little internet gem. Basically it is a site that takes all your Facebook posts and writes new posts using the words you use. Sometimes nonsensical, sometimes prophetic but almost always funny. The first night I was using it I was crying - crying I tell you!! Here's a few samples:
  • Just like Eric I accept Bitcoin.
  • Aren't you my personal astrologer? Stars for some other kids having chicken and follow them to stay wrinkled. It is on it.
  • Like Bryan Seagull. And remember that mean I have two apple trees with AMAZING Larry!?

2.  Watch The ReturnedIt's a French TV show that you can watch on Sundance or buy from iTunes. 
(The first episode is free!) It's about a small mountain town, where one night, people who have died in the past suddenly return. They are not zombies or ghosts and they have no recollection of being dead or of time passing. It's brilliant and fascinating (what happens when you get exactly what you want?) and genuinely spooky. I've only seen 2 episodes, but I am in for all 8. 

3. Buy some of these:

The flavors are: Double Chocolate. Candy Cane in dark chocolate with candy cane sprinkles. Ginger Joe-joe with white chocolate and crumbled gingersnaps. And peanut butter Joe-Joe in milk chocolate. My only question about these are why are ginger and peanut butter Joe-Joes past flavors? Those should be past, present and future. When my wife saw these she said "You are never allowed to go to the grocery store again" to which I replied "You should be congratulating me on the fact that I only ate 2!" (So far.)

4. Read The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. Or better yet, listen to the audiobook narrated by Bryan Cranston. (BRYAN CRANSTON!!!!!) It's part memoir. Part book of essays. Part short story collection. It's about the Vietnam War and it is emotional and haunting and did I mention BRYAN CRANSTON reads it?!! Lovely.

5. Watch this Veronica Mars trailer/featurette over and over and over again. For the record, I'm Team Veronica. (And, clearly, a 14 year old girl.)

Happy Weekend! Tell me on Facebook what I should be sure not to miss this weekend. 

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