Thursday, November 7, 2013

I have terrible taste in music

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I am not a great connoisseur of music. In fact, I have terrible taste in music. It's not that I don't like music, but if I am driving in the car or doing yard work I would just as soon listen to a podcast or an audiobook. So I don't really feel like I am ever on the cutting edge of what music is cool or "snazzy" like the kids these days are saying. When we do our "Best Music" post at the end of the year, I usually have no idea what anyone is talking about.

Do you remember back in the day when there were CDs (I already lost all the readers under 30) and you would get those mailers periodically from BMG where you would get 12 CDs for $.01? And you would try to find creative ways where you could change your name slightly so that all 8 kids in your family could sign up? I remember the first time I got my 12 CDs for a penny that it was almost impossible for me to think of 12 CDs I wanted (but it was such a good deal how could you not sign up?) I have no idea what the other 10 were, but I do remember 2 of the CDs I got were the soundtrack to "The Bodyguard" ("And Eyeeee-eee-yiiiah, will always love you!!") and the soundtrack to "Batman." Remember that one? With all those catchy tunes? Oh, you don't? Neither do I.

Because I am so musically tone deaf, I am particularly excited when I discover a band that seems cool and that I don't think a bunch of people are already listening to. It's like the time when I started listening to Sarah McLachlan before ANYONE ELSE. Trust me. That's true. The special part is when I find someone I really like, I have no idea if they are a new discovery, totally mainstream or totally 5 minutes ago. Like I remember asking my wife a while back "Is Bruno Mars cool?" (Still not sure about that one, but I like his music when I am running!)

With that enormous grain of salt, I present to you my musical discovery HAIM. (PS. This discovery seemed like more of a discovery before Topher had them on his playlist yesterday with a whole bunch of other bands I had never heard of.) I'm not sure where I heard the name but after listening to their music for about 30 seconds, I immediately downloaded their album Days are Gone. If you are not listening to the handy  musical clip I provided, they sort of sound like if Fleetwood Mac was a lesbian and adopted a baby with Annie Lennox and they raised that baby in Southern California and their next door neighbor were the ladies of TLC, that baby of Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Lennox would be HAIM. Except HAIM is really three girls (sisters!) , so that metaphor breaks down pretty quickly, but I mean that the sound of the music would be that Lesbian couples baby. Can you see why I don't write about music more frequently?

Right now you are either thinking "Duh! Everyone has heard of HAIM! They are so 5 minutes ago!" or "Hey! I've never heard of this girl group and I like their groove!" If it is the latter, check out their album. It's fun and makes me feel happy and is super cool (maybe? I'm really not sure.)

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