Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts on the Future (A Poem)

Thoughts on the Future
No one can see ten years from now
if the days will be good to us or
who is finally rich or poor.
No one can see where you will be
but, I hope you are happy.

Nobody knows five years from now
if the world is gone or at peace
or if there is a cure for anything.
Can’t see who still loves each other
but, I’m sure you are beautiful.

No gypsy can predict next year
who is married or dying
and who will always be alone.
But, if you finally let yourself fall,
I hope it healed you.

No fortune teller can see all.
But, there is one thing I know.
Looking to tomorrow and
believing you're there is all I need

By: Brett Merritt (me)
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