Wednesday, April 17, 2013

jurassic in georgetown

For years, whenever someone has asked me what things I have never done, I've had two strongholds: I have never seen Jurassic Park, and I have never been to Washington DC. In a strange twist of events, I've knocked both of those items off of my bucket list in just two weeks. Does that mean I'm ready to die? Possibly.

Here are some of my thoughts on both:

Jurassic Park: There's sure a lot of short shorts in this movie! A lot of pleated, tan shorts. People hike them way, way up. Laura Dern festoons hers with a knotted blouse, while Robert Muldoon wears his tight and proud and unabashedly climbs over things.

Washington DC: I actually thought Provo was the whitest city on earth, and then I visited Georgetown! Everyone at my hotel here is named Trevor or Judith. Like ancient Greek Gods, these people sprang fully formed from the loins of LL Bean.

Jurassic Park: I was amazed at the quality of the CGI. For reals! Those dinosaurs look real! And that movie was made in 1964. Impressive. Except when the brontosauruses poke their heads around in the treetops. That part was pretty phony and we all know it. But the rest of it was seamless! Way to go, Steven Spielberg and Jim Henson!

Washington DC: I thought it was neat that I could get so close to the White House. Whenever people take pictures of the White House it looks like it's a mile away. I took a picture myself just to prove how close you can get! Sure enough, it looks like it's a mile away.

Jurassic Park: They don't make film scores like that anymore. It's a shame. John Williams wrote this music and it plays THE ENTIRE MOVIE. There is no single frame of that movie without underscoring. It's great, because the music tells you if the dinosaurs are nice or not. If they are nice, the score is really cute and bouncy. If they are not nice, LOOK OUT! Trumpets!

Washington DC: The cherry trees are in bloom. It's really amazing. Here is a picture:

Jurassic Park: Here is a picture of  Lisa and me in our 3D glasses. Did I mention we saw it in 3D? It really is the future, you guys!!!!

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