Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chris Clark is not Black.

Oh My Gosh You Guys.

I was so Flah-ipping sick last week I could have died.  I mean, at the time I thought I was going to and then, somehow, right at the end (yesterday) I pulled it out.  I mean, it would have for sure killed you, but I'm real salubrious.

Anyway, last week everyone got to pick their favorite post from one of their fellow PTA'ers and I missed it, cause it was Christmas Eve and then I was gonna get super sick.

Ladies and Gentlemen...and by that I mean Mom and my brother Chris...let me introduce you to Topher Clark who posts on Wednesday's.

Oh, hang on, I don't think that's him...though it could be...he's an actor sometimes.

There we go!!

So Chris was born in...hold up...that's not him. If that were him he'd never wear a hat...or a shirt

There she is!!!  Now Chris was once known as "Motown Great White Hope" But that was back in '67...She was born February 1, 1946 in Santa Cruz, California, Christine Elizabeth Clark commenced her musical career early in life. “I think I sang from the time I was knee-high,” she says. “When I was in junior high school, I was working with eighth grade bands, and when I was in seventh grade, I was working with high school bands. It kind of escalated from there. But I was singing what the rest of the little white girls sang. And the problem was, when I tried to do folk, I just had a minor resonance. And I never really listened to black music. It was really odd. It was just something, I guess in my makeup. And by the time I was 15, I was working nightclubs.


That's not him.

Hang on.

Ahhh, there she is!

So here's the thing about Wednesdays on PTA. I mean, let's just calls it like it is.  Chris kills it on this blog.  I mean, people DIE over anything Chris writes, but for two reasons: It's funny. It's good.  No other reasons. Funny. Good.  He has such a natural voice that I plagiarize freely and he makes you feel like your getting the goods from someone whose got the goods.

For example:  The 2014 Oscars are coming up soon...but you need to get prepared so you should read last years ramp up:

Go a head, click the link it will pop up in another window so I'll save your place here.


I do love his movie reviews, his horoscopes and his movie reviews.  Here's a fantastic one he wrote for Les Mis

Chris' Les Mis Review

I mean, people killed puppies over that post...I did.

I am so lucky to, week after week, put my voice up with Chris and tell you all something about something...luckily, I go before him...I'd HATE to be Josh...blugh, can you imagine?!

So join us Wednesdays for Chris Clark, if not Motown's then PTA's Great White Hope!!
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