Friday, October 11, 2013

27 pieces of really good life advice

Confession. I haven't watched the LDS General Conference yet. We were traveling and it's on our DVR but, as soon as we got back, Amelia had to go right into prepping a trio of film shoots so ... I can't give you a heartfelt post of learning like Ken and Josh.

So, I cheated. I compiled a list of things that I think are great pieces of advice but that I just got of the Internet. Cheesy? Yes. Still, I think it's good stuff.

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Do more with less.
Be reliable.
Find out who you really are and be that person.
Execution is everything.
Scare yourself a little bit every day.
Yoga pants aren't pants.
Don’t buy a lot of stuff.
Be humble and curious.
Be as useful as you can.
Make your home a place where you and your family feel safe.
Remember those who helped you. Give back.
Help people who have never helped you and can’t.
Pain is temporary.
Commit to things that are beyond your ability.
Meet with friends more.
Learn to really listen.
Walk more.
Apologize more.
Say no when you need to.
Do things that are uncool.
Find your voice.
Examine your jealousy.
Address small problems.
Dress like a cooler version of yourself.
Find mentors.
Courage is a learned skill.
Everyone feels like they’re not good enough. It’s not just you.

What is the best advice you've gotten? Comment on our FB page.

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