Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's time, Marshmallows

Here's a little secret about how things run at Part Time Authors. See, even though all the other guys are WAY better writers than me, I function as sort of the manager of the site. I don't know how or why that happened. Probably because I am the most bossy. Also because, as I said, all the other guys are better writers than me and I want them to have a reason to keep me around (I have the password to the email.)

Part of my job as manager is picking our bi-weekly themes that we use to ease the burden of having to come up with a topic every week. This week, I picked "Pioneers" because it's Pioneer Day in Utah, and we are nothing if not a bunch of Utah-living guys. I thought certainly the topic would be interpreted loosely and creatively, like maybe in your family whenever you sing "They, The Builders of the Nation" in church at the end when the line says "Blessed, Honored Pioneer" you alternately sing either "Liar, traitor Pioneer" or "Fresh Raspberry Pie-oneer" because it makes you giggle. (Wait, that's only my family? OK.) But then everyone went and wrote REAL, INSPIRING stories about ACTUAL pioneer ancestors. Their stories were touching and amazing and inspiring and lovely. So now I am not sure why I picked this theme. Maybe I should choose themes that I actually have something to write about.

So, instead of an inspiring post about pioneers, I am leaving you with something I can't stop thinking about. As I have mentioned before I have an undying love of a little TV show from the early aughts called Veronica Mars. And I helped fund a kickstarters to help make that TV show into a movie. And so did 1 billion other people. So now, the movie is happening and this week the trailer was debuted at Comic Con in San Diego. Please do enjoy:

I mean, COME ON! Are you dying? I have watched this about 100 times so far. It's just too great. And you better believe that my wife and I will be at this movie on opening night, dressed in Veronica Mars costumes (Or maybe just T-Shirts.) And if you have never seen Veronica Mars, it's not too late. Get the DVDs from Netflix, have a marathon and get ready for the movie. You're welcome.

Blah, blah, blah, pioneer legacy. Blah, blah, blah, ancestors. Blessed, honored, pioneer.
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