Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independance

My magical blogger analysis tools tell me that not all of our audience comes from the USA (Which kinda blows my mind. People living in foreign lands, let us know who you are!) But if you do call 'Merica your home, Happy July 4th to you. I hope you are doing something more fun than reading blogs today. I'll be working (boo!) but hope to eat some BBQ and blow some things up later.

July 4th is one of those low expectation holidays that I love more and more as an adult. There's not a lot of prep work for most of us. If you want to have a BBQ, that's pretty simple. Just pick up some stuff at the grocery store and you're good to go. Not a lot of pre-planning required. If you want to set off some fireworks (maybe you don't maybe you hate them (I do.)) you pick some up at the store, put some lawn chairs on the lawn and go to town. If you want to go to a parade, go for it. If you want to play football in the park (That was for you, Chris Liv,) have at it. It's a day to relax, have fun and be happy it's summer. And to be glad that you live in a great country. Sure, we're not a perfect nation (We continue to allow Michael Bay to have a career.) but at least we can say we are a nation of open political dialogue, non-didactic discussions about our beliefs and acceptance of one another's viewpoints. What's that, Great Bird? We don't do that, either? Well, at least we have apple pie.

So have fun today. Be safe. Know that we here at PTA will proudly stand up, next to you and defend her still today. And eat pie. We will stand up next to you and eat pie.  Happy Independance Day!!
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