Monday, July 1, 2013

Freedom, the Constitution & Parades!

This is my beautiful daughter, Abbie. This photo is actually several months old, when she got her drivers permit. But it's what I had on my phone. Wait. I do have one more. Here she is with some of her friends. She's in the grey dress, with the perfected photo-head-tilt.

Since this is America and I have a satchel full of awesome freedom, and one of those is the freedom to brag about my children, I wanted to let you know that out of 2,000+ entries from high school students across the state of Utah, our very own Abbie won the Freedom Festival Essay Contest!

The title, assigned by the Speech Contest Chair of Utah's Freedom Festival, was "How Does the Constitution Ensure the Values of Family, Freedom, God, and Country for Our Everyday Lives." And I don't think I have to tell you, but Abbie NAILED IT! (I don't have to tell you this because I already told you she won.)

Part of Abbie's winnings include a check towards furthering her education, parts of her essay being published locally, and finally...she gets to ride on a float in Provo's Freedom Festival Parade for the Fourth of July! Can you STAND IT?! Who doesn't love a parade?

If you're in Provo for the Fourth, be on the lookout for a lovely, poised, articulate young lady who, exercising her freedom to enjoy sweets, will be throwing candy to parade watchers young and old! If you won't be in Provo, hopefully the parade will be nationally televised. It should be. I'd want to see it! Celebrate America by writing your congressman and telling him you want this parade carried by your local NBC affiliate! I'm pretty sure that's how it works. I should check with Abbie first, though. She obviously knows more about this country than me, since she is WINNING CONTESTS!

In all sincerity, I could not be more proud of her. Here is the concluding paragraph of her essay:

The Constitution ensures the values of family, freedom, God, and country.  If we understand and follow the Constitution and strive to live by it and uphold its truths, we will have a better country.  The Constitution was created to maintain a land of freedom.  It is our responsibility, as the rising generation, to become the noble leaders of tomorrow.  We need to grow into adults who can better our neighborhoods, communities, states, and even our nation.  We need to continue our education so we can be leaders who believe, love, and understand the Constitution of the United States of America.

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