Friday, March 22, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: I Get to Be in a Movie

Guys. I can't write much this week because I'm totally going to be famous. (Jk.)

But, this is exclusive, ya'll. I did just get offered the role of Agent Knight in Inspired Guns (click here and Like the page, please). It has an estimated release date of ... sometime in 2014. Of course, if the producers don't want me to leak this, my post will mysteriously vanish until it's approved. Scandal!

I don't know much about the movie itself. I have the script but, to be honest, I've only read my lines so far. There are about 30-35 of them, er, 135 or 1,035 or something. It's the most lines I've had in a movie part in my 7 year film acting career. Pretty cool. I feel like a Christopher Clark! My character is an eager, aloof, clueless, goof. Or, as my sister said, "Typecasting!" The plot involves missionaries, Mormons, mafia, hitmen, and feds. Crazy hijinks will def ensue.

Anyway, I'm very excited. For real. It shoots throughout May (for now). I'll have to take vacation time to do it because I have a 9-5 job to hold down that doesn't give away days off like candy. I may actually have to work remotely a tad. All for the art. All for the process.

I auditioned 3 times for it and it was a good experience. Let me share with you why I think I got the part:

1. I showed up on time for my appointments.
2. I was memorized, never needing to look at the sides while reading.
3. I made choices with the role and tried something different.
4. I took direction when given direction. ("Too slow. Speed it up this time.")
5. I was close to what they already had in mind.
6. I took inspiration from Andy Dwyer aka Bert Macklin:

Anyway, wish me luck. I'll post updates as I am allowed if you think it will be fun and/or interesting.

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