Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just me Givin' Thanks Ya'll

Alright, so here we are, all of us that read Part Time Authors and we are sitting at the dinner table and it's that time of year when we all go around the table and tell what we are thankful for.  Ken told us 100 things that were on top of the really big things like Family, Health and Faith...100 ON TOP of those!  Well, as there are literally thousands of us sitting at this table (and by 'Literally' I mean 'Figuratively' and by 'Thousands' I mean 8.) I will keep my list short.

I am thankful for everything.

That's it, nothing more, nothing less.  Really, I am saturated in blessings and to break them down would be wasteful of precious internet space. My family?! My family is incredible, my wife (who got her PhD this year so she can emotionally, physically, and financially support me) still loves me and still inspires me to be the man she sees when she looks at me.  My kids are amazing and amaze me and everyone who meets them daily.  I come from a loving family who still want to get together and try to one up the others. I have a lovely home that is warm and dry and stuffed with stuff that is more than I need but makes the place my own.  I am lucky to have a job and to work somewhere that I am appreciated and liked and where I make a difference....even if it's just to women needing a skirt.  I have more friends then I can maintain and yet they still hang around, untended but always there when I finally get my act together.  I have a car that can get me and my family where we have to go. I can take my kids to the doctor, me to the dentist, and my dog to the vet. There is food in my refrigerator so when my daughter yells, "Milk!" there is some to give her. I can go to church, any church I want, and believe any whack a-doodle thing I want and no one will kill me for it. I have a book club that makes me think I'm smarter and more smart than I am.  I get to write.  Each week I get to come here and spill whatever is rattling around in my brain and dump it out of my fingers and watch and see what it does.

I am grateful for all of it.

This world is ugly and terrifying and hard and disappointing a lot of time...but lots of times it's thoughtful and caring and brave and kind and gracious and friendly and beautiful.  And this year, I am thankful for that world.

This world:


So I guess I did make a list.  I love that list.
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