Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do You Hear the People Sing?

Last night, my friend Kacy posted this video on Facebook.
So I watched it. Then I cried. Then I watched it again. Then I cried again. They I realized. My excitement for the new Les Miserable movie has reached critical mass. Basically I am so overwhelmingly excited that unless Jesus himself appears at the end of the movie and hands out cheesecakes to everyone in the theatre, it won't live up to my expectations. They are simply too high.

You feel the same way? Remember a few months ago when this trailer came out and you were so excited?

You were shocked, right? You didn't know Anne Hathaway could sing. You thought she could only marry gay cowboys and dress like a cat to rob buildings. And everyone loves Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe. And of course you adore Amanda Seifried, but mostly because she reminds you of Veronica Mars. (Remember how you totally figured out who killed Lilly Kane halfway through the season and it made you feel awesome?)

And they you got your Theatre Geek on and made a new Pandora station called Theatre Geek so that while you were cleaning the house you could put in your headphones and belt Sweeny Todd and Big River and Newsies Into the Woods and your kids would laugh and point at you and you didn't care. (Plenty of people have laughed and pointed at you for singing show tunes in your life, amirite?? Bring it on, kids!)

Then you went to see a movie with friends. (Perks of Being a Wallflower - awesome.) and there was another Les Miserable trailer. Awesome!!! And you saw this:
Well...that was...interesting. That's cool  how they sing live. It was a little...indulgent seeming and it was like 7 min long. But, whatever. This movie is going to RULE!

Then you went to see another movie (Pitch Perfect - also kind fantastic) and you saw the same extended trailer again.

And then you started to wonder if the producers of Les Miserable were trying to annoy you by showing this trailer everywhere. When Hugh Jackman talks about his acting choices like he is curing cancer, it starts to seem a bit self important. (Sweet Jesus, what has he done, indeed?) And when Anne Hatheway says it would be incredibly selfish to "try and go for the pretty version" it seemed like maybe, just maybe, the people making this movie were taking it incredibly seriously. Perhaps too seriously. Perhaps.

But then you saw the next trailer and you got chills and cried and all was forgiven:
Because despite how awesome the actors in this movie want to tell you it is going to be, it probably is going to be pretty awesome. And we all know we are going to go opening weekend. In fact, let's all go together. Who's with me?!

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