Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Sure Is!

So there's this new thing that showed up in the world yesterday. And in all fairness, you should know that I only know about it because one of my super best of friends is the lead in it. But you should also know, in all fairness, that I would not be posting anything about it if I thought it was ridiculous or a waste of your time...which I do not.

Here's the thing:

It's this new Web Series called Pretty Darn Funny. And it stars my dear friend Lisa Clark. And while it's true, she is super funny and looks just drop dead gorgeous and she is married to Wednesday PTA poster, Chris Clark, that is not the reason I am bringing it to you today. I am super in to the premise. So here's the first episode and it pretty darn sets up the show. You should know the episodes are "Bite Size" meaning 6-8 minutes long. And this is the very first one that premiered last night. Let's watch:

Alright so, Gracie is off to start her own comedy troupe, well, here's what I really like about that. So you're in the real world and people like to ask you if you're Mormon and you say yes and then they ask you where you make the cheese. Just so you know, out th
ere in the wide world you can pretty much swap out Mormon for Amish or Polygamist or Sagittarius. Well that's what makes it funny. Let's say I was here posting about this new Amish web series were 6 women set out to form a comedy troupe, COME ON! it pretty much darn writes it self.

Not only is Lisa funny but if you watch the whole sneak trailer you get a little more introduced to the cast of characters that are still to come.

Watch that thing here.

So if you linked over to the Trailer you would notice that you went to Youtube, (you can also watch all episodes at Prettydarnfunny.com) well that is another great thing about this little wed show. You see there's this guy, Jeffery Parkin and he's like sort of famous for this thing he did called The Book of Jer3miah which was this super interactive web series he did at BYU where the audience could effect the plot by commenting on Twitter or Facebook. It won all sorts of awards not the least of which was being one of ten Honorees for the Webby Awards, the leading international award honoring excellence on the internet. I know, right?! Super legit. And this show has some of the same feel. If you head over to the website prettydarnfunny.com you can check our Gracie's Pintrest board or check out Ryanne's Realty Website Bling Bling Homes or Nora's (the Bless her heart one) Blog post about the Silver Fox (President Uchtdorf).

I know I sound like I'm getting paid, but I'm not...for now, I am not. But the fact is, my friend was sneaking out early from book club to go off and do "this thing" over night at the Deseret Book and you know, I worried. Who knows what she could have ended up in! And so it's with a sigh of relief and then genuine excitement that I introduce you to my new favorite Web Series:

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