Monday, December 23, 2013

My Favorite Posts, 2013.

Patrick's Daisy and my Becca and Lucy, last October. 

Well, if you read much PTA then you know ‘round these parts we are all about year-end wrap-ups.

This week we present a “Best Of” of sorts. Each of us has selected 2 Favorites from this past year - something we wrote ourselves, and then something written by another PTA. To prevent each of us from only selecting Josh’s posts as our favorites, we have opted to select a post from the person who writes/posts the day after us. That means I will link to my favorite post that I wrote this year, and then I have the privilege of linking to my favorite post from Patrick.

For my favorite thing I wrote this year, I am going with The Slump. This was the post I wrote about my period of unemployment. It still makes me happy and grateful when I read it.

For Patrick...this was a difficult selection process. I love Patrick’s writing. I love that I get to be friends with Patrick. Our differences highlight our similarities, I think. Patrick is uber-talented, and I can’t sing, play an instrument, or pole-dance like Patrick. He is stylish, and I can’t style my way out of a wet paper bag! But we like laughing together. We like each other’s children. And when Patrick writes about being a father, I want to stand and applaud. So I have chosen Patrick’s post, Being Dad.

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