Wednesday, December 25, 2013

all hail, josh!

I have maintained for a long time that Josh Bingham is the funniest person I know. He really is. And I know a lot of funny people. But Josh is effortlessly funny, and nobody makes me laugh harder or longer. There's something about the way he phrases things, or fails at accents, or impersonates people that gets me. He's confident in his humor - he's never desperately forcing it on you. When it's there, it's amazing, and when it's not there he's saying something insightful or wise instead. He's a well-rounded personality. He's a great friend. He's also a fantastic writer. So here are my two (sorry, two) favorite posts of his this year:

Why Are Our Expectations of Dads So Low?

We Can't Have Nice Things: My Thrift Store Fail

As for recommending my favorite post of my own this year? Probably when I narrated this disaster of a national anthem.

Happy 2014 PTA readers!
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