Thursday, December 26, 2013

My favorite posts

I like to fancy myself a writer, and the only thing that makes that so is this blog. You see, if you are a writer, you have to write. You can't only think about writing, or only talk about writing, or only outline or plot summarize or whatever. You have to write. So the fact that I am forced to write something once a week is good for me and I am glad I do it and it allows me, in a very small way, to call myself a writer. 

The funny thing about writing a blog (or I guess anything, really) is that you never really know what people are going to respond to. Sometimes you slap something together in 15 min and it gets a ton of likes and shares and comments. And sometimes you really pour your heart and soul into something and it goes nowhere. But it is nice when the something you really worked on takes off. 

So, because I am a narcissist, I am going to share TWO of my favorite posts. The first, is one I thought long and hard about and worked on. It got a lot of play, mostly because Design Mom mentioned it in her A Few Things post back in October. It was

And the other, which I sort of threw together, mostly to help myself work out in my own head what I was trying to say was

Brett joined PTA after it was already founded and we're grateful to have him. First (and least importantly) , because we had no one to write Friday posts and so we had a terrible rotation system that never worked and we were always forgetting who's turn it was to post on Friday. But mainly (and most importantly) because he is a thoughtful and poignant writer. Sometimes it is a piece of poetry he's written (I'd never be brave enough to share poetry so publicly) like Anticipating Autumn. Other times it is a YouTube video you haven't seen but makes you think like When happiness can come rushing in to meet the sadness.  And every once in a while it is a really powerful piece that stops you in your tracks. His post this summer about depression was just that. 

If you missed it the first time, please read it. Or if you read it the first time, please read it again. It's worth it. And it's one of those post that you can tell Brett really poured his heart into and got a lot of play. People, rightly so, loved it. And so did I.

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