Monday, February 6, 2012

Part Time Authors

…But full-time awesome.

As this is our official “Launch Day,” and presumably more than our wives and mothers are now reading, I’ll make the introductions. The Part Time Authors are, in order of appearance on the blog and in our candid photo: Ken, Patrick, Chris, and Josh.

The four of us in college, where we first met. 
Imagine our embarrassment when we all showed up to Freshmen orientation in the same outfit.

We are contributing authors in a collection of personal essays featured in Tell Me Who I Am, a book that will be published next month.  We are also great friends.

One of the themes of our friendship, along with good food and elaborate lace collars, is storytelling: sharing the stories of our lives. When our families get together, the food sets the stage, but it is the conversation that carries the evening. The stories are usually funny, sometimes poignant, and often bizarre.

Storytelling can also be revealing; especially after midnight and a gallon of horchata. In fact, that is how I heard about the time Chris knocked over a Circle K, Josh threw up on a State Senator, and Patrick entered the Witness Relocation Program. (I think I’m remembering all that right, but you’ll have to ask them.)

The thing is this: Chris, Josh, Patrick and I have these “real jobs” that sometimes get in the way of how we would like to make a living…writing, and tending a goose that lays golden eggs, and also doesn’t need much actual tending and doesn’t poop. But until we can find said goose, we’ll just be “Part Time Authors.”

That’s what I’m hoping this blog will be: a conversation of stories and observations from four friends.

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