Wednesday, February 29, 2012

i saw you!

Friday I drove to St. George for a little overnighter on business. It was really messy weather. Nephi was dark, Fillmore was rainy, and Beaver was snowed in. I didn't mind, because I was so busy making friends on the freeway! Friends on the Freeway is a new program I'm creating where you send special messages to other drivers on the road. And you include their licence plates, so they know you are talking to them! It's really a lot of fun. I made several new Friends on the Freeway, and would like to send them each a message:

UT B36 DSX: Hey, even though it was snowing like a bugger through Cedar City, you still managed to text and drive at the same time! You have some impressive skills! I'm sure Oprah is impressed. I certainly was. Icy roads be damned, you got that text done and sent!

UT R42 FGX: I like that dog you had on your lap. Was that an Irish setter? I bet you talked to that dog the whole trip. Did your dog talk back? Did you share some special secrets?

CA 5BBM29X: Fancy Audi! Feel free to come right up on my back fender, and then when I move over so you can pass, slow down so I get stuck behind a semi! Feel free to do that! That's just what freeway friends do.

UT 6TY KLX: You look like my dad.

NV 485 TVX: What's your hurry, Superman? Something really pressing in Tonopah you gotta get back to? Swap meet? Seriously, what's going on? Next time let's slow it down a little, yeah?

UT 8IK PLX: I was really embarrassed when you passed me and I was singing in my car. I bet you never do that. I bet you never pretend like the yellow lines on the road are note markers from Guitar Hero. You probably never tap along on your steering wheel like it's a big note highway. You probably are busy listening to NPR.

HI KTE TUX: Seriously, in fifty words or less, can you explain how you got your car here from Hawaii? There's just not a ferry for that. Does your car fly? Was your car built by Caractacus Potts?

UT 5JM DGX: I saw you get off on that exit to Carl's Jr in Fillmore. I hope you are pleased with your decision. It probably tasted great at the time, but there is no accounting for your gastrointestinal pain round about Scipio! I guess you probably know that by now. Next time pack a lunchable!

I hope you all made it safely to your destination, Friends on the Freeway!
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