Monday, August 5, 2013

My Favorite Blog

Something you might not know about Part Time Authors is not only do we write, but we also know how to READ! True story. Why, Patrick has been reading for MONTHS now! And Chris also enjoys reading - but generally just the amazing reviews of the plays he directs. I also like to find time to read - but not when I’m on vacation. That’s MY time, and I make no apologies for it. 

But I kid. I do so very much enjoy this national pastime of reading, invented right here in the great country of ours. And just in case you were wondering what I like to read - well, I'll tell you. But only one thing. I'm coy. 

One “blog” I never miss comes from my dear friend (and yours) Eric D. Snider. I put “blog” in quotes because truthfully, Eric was writing these “posts” before there was "blogging." Or before it was known as "blogging," anyway. All I'm saying is: Eric D. Snider invented blogging and it’s time he started getting royalties for doing so. 

Eric began as a columnist for what our ancestors refer to as a “newspaper.” Then he built his own website! (Read: He paid somebody to build a website for him.) And now all his hilarious content can be found in one location:

Eric is now officially a grown up movie critic, but he also keeps his column or “blog” going. It’s appropriately titled “Snide Remarks.” And if you aren’t reading it, you should. 

Indeed, Eric is snide; with all the good connotations that come with that. He is wry and witty in his observational humor, parodies, satire, and occasional ribaldry. But there is also a vulnerability that I really enjoy about Eric’s writing. He’ll use humor to bring up sensitive topics, simultaneously admitting that he is not an expert on the subject. 

Here's a link to his most recent post, “The Surly Urban Juror.” 

Eric is a close friend and I'm happy to claim him. I’ve actually known him since December of 1992. What a privilege to know such a talented, hilarious writer. I would read Eric’s writings every day if I could. But not when I’m on vacation. I believe I’ve already clarified that’s MY time. 

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