Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Say YES to Hoboken!

So, one of my favorite blogs, that is not this blog, is a little blog called 'Say Yes to Hoboken'.  It was started by a dear friend of mine Liz Stanley and I had this great idea to interview her for this blog, but we couldn't quite get our scheduled linked up and also, I never asked her.  But I don't think that should stop me from completely fabricating an interview with her, I mean after all we really are good friends and what are good friends for if you can't exploit their success by concocting a made up interview that shows you both in the best light.  So here goes:

Me: Liz!  Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me.  I know you're very busy and it means a lot to me that you would.

Liz: I didn't.  Also, you didn't ask.

Me: I know!  So tell me a it about your blog and how it got started.

Liz: Well, I was living in Hoboken, New Jersey, right up the street from some amazing friends...

Me: Are you talking about me?

Liz: Yes.

Me: Great.  Go on.

Liz:  I was living up the street from some amazing friends and I had the thought that I wanted to start a blog.

Me:  You were a high school councilor at the time?

Liz: Yes, and I loved it.  I loved working with students but I was looking for a creative outlet.

Me: You have always done the coolest stuff.  I still have those GoKo (sp?) cards we made on your living room floor.  Have you always been crafty?

Liz: Crafty?  In the sense that I can come up with a clever scheme?  Yes.  And also, I like to make stuff with my hands.  I remember me and your wife making pillows together.

Me: They are still on our bed.

Liz: Really?!  That was, like, 7 years ago...you should probably swap those out.

Me: Oh, you think?  Couldn't they be timeless?

Liz: I mean, they could be...but those aren't.

Me: Got it.  I'll burn them tonight.

Liz: Don't burn them?!  They would make such cute place mats or doll dresses or curtains for a several small windows.

Me:  Is that your favorite thing to do, reshape things into different things?

Liz: I do like that, yes.  But my favorite thing is to spend time with my son and husband.  I love how my son sees things in a different way than I do.

Me: Kids do that.

Liz: They do.  How are your kids?

Me:  So good!  They are running around and...wait a minute!  This is about you, not me?!  Funny how when you are writing, even something like a fake interview, the subject always comes back to me.  Do you blog about me often?

Liz: I'm sorry, what was the question?

Me:  Do you blog...

Liz: About you?

Me: Yes.

Liz: No.

Me: Oh.

Liz:  I mostly share tutorials and style ideas for young moms just like myself, plus I write for other sites and collaborate with brands on content campaigns...I don't know if just blogging about a guy who used to live up the street from me would really fit our bill.

Me: I understand.  What if I made my pillows into curtains for several small windows?  Then would you blog about me?

Liz: That could be something.

Me: I'm not going to do that.

Liz: No, I know.

Me: Well, it's been so good to catch up with you!  I love your blog and you and your family.  You are the best!

Liz: Thanks.

Me: Do you remember that time, after me and your husband fought that drunk guy because he inappropriately propositioned you while leaning on a fence at a church and we had finally made it to dinner after having the drunk guy arrested for punching my wife and we were all sitting at the table facing the window and all of the sudden a man went running past in full death sprint screaming and we all wondered what he was running from and then a cop on a horse came galloping after him?

Liz: Yes.

Me: That was wild.


Well, I hope you take the time to pop on over to Say YES to Hoboken and check out the REAL Liz Stanley and what she is really doing right now.  You'll go back again and again.
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