Wednesday, August 21, 2013

movie cheating

By now I know you have all watched and memorized Episode One of Season Two of my wife's web series Pretty Darn Funny. It downloaded on Monday so it's all you can talk/think about! So now I thought I would give you some "behind the scenes" info! You know, stuff from the stars! Actually just me.

Step One. Watch the episode:

Step Two. Read what happened behind the scenes!

0.09: "Pearly Gates Nursing Home." I thought that was the most awesome name ever for a nursing home! Also note the "Humor She Wrote" banner. These things only pop up very quickly but they're funny and worth noting.

0.11: Why did we decide to shave my beard like that? I had scruff, but no beard. So we decided to make it look like I had a beard, when I clearly didn't. This will bother me (and no one else) through the remainder of the episode.

1.33: We had to do this scene in one take. Lisa is losing her voice. We kept messing up our lines because we had to change her out of her Batman suit, move to the car, and talk super fast. We shot this scene about fourteen times. You would never guess there were about 25 people standing around watching this and eating giant cookies. Also, I got stung by a bee in the rose bushes.

1.45: This is a movie theatre in American Fork. They call it the "Sticky Shoe." It's really gross in there!

1.52: Read that funny sign on the door! It references not one but two jokes later in the episode!

1.54: That's the director, Jeff Parkin.

2.20: That's Jeff Blake, who is kind of a genius. He made us laugh a lot and we had to keep starting over.

2.38: That was really some kind of car spray or something. It smelled disgusting! We had to fumigate between takes. I was still super tempted to eat that popcorn, though.

3.55: The light on our faces was from a TV monitor, showing endless clips of the "Great Pit of Carkoon" scene from Return of the Jedi. I saw Princess Leia in her bikini one hundred times and it never got old!

4.35: Lisa looks really pretty in this scene.

5.00: My kids did this once. Do they need a shot?

5.28: Note Lisa's voice. She hated screaming. Also, what's going on with my "beard?"

6.05: Lisa really does put that much cheese on her nachos. It's so gross. You have to wade your fingers through inches of muck just to find one lonely, sopping chip. It's what the lady likes. So this is drama in real life. Also, I am a total movie cheater.

7:03: I've never watched Duck Dynasty.

7:33: Sometimes I dance when I talk.

8.08: Oh, man. This voice was way funnier on set! I promise! It was totally funny!

8.38: Empire Strikes Back in-joke!

8.50: Weird to kiss your wife on camera.

Thanks for watching - and five more episodes to come!!!

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