Friday, May 17, 2013

On Set for "Inspired Guns"

Good morning!

Today I'm writing from my iPad mini, in an old warehouse, at a train yard, while I wait for it to be my turn in the wardrobe Winnebago. It's my second day of four on a movie shoot for "Inspired Guns." I play an eager FBI agent who has pushed a pencil his entire career and is finally getting a taste of the field. I bet it sounds like I'm the star. I'm not. And that's fine. 

It's a comedy. The movie is about missionaries, mafia, hit men, dreams, gangs, snipers, investigators, and baptism. Well, it HAS those things; it's about more than that. It's about patience, judgement, love, brothers, companionship, and has a few surprises. The more I'm around the movie, the more I'm proud to be in it.

Here's also why it's been fun:

- It stars Jake Suazo, Christian Busaith, Rick Macy, Scott Berringer, and many more fantastic actors you may know. Look it up on IMDB. My FBI partner (Scott) worked with Brad Pitt on "The Mexican"!
- I'm using vacation days so I'm getting double paid!
- The crew is very professional and fast.
- Everyone is nice.
- I get a gun and a badge.
- There is a full breakfast every morning. I had a breakfast burrito today.
- The writer/director Adam White is one of the nicest, coolest guys ever.
- It's not Italy but I get to be on locations like this ...

Anyway, I've got to get in the make up chair. It takes a team of people to make this 41 year-old look 31. 

If you feel so ... inclined ... go to Facebook and Like "Inspired Guns" for more info and pics and stuff. Let me know if you have questions in the comments. Quiet on the set!

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