Wednesday, May 22, 2013


I sometimes think of myself as the original photo-bomber, but I know that's probably not true. I always like to think I came up with or invented awesome things, and then I found out that people have been doing them for years. I sometimes want to post the awesome things I'm thinking about or invented online, so that there's a legitimate time-stamp and proof that I was the first one to ever think them. But then I remember: NOBODY CARES.

Anyway, I enjoy a good photo bomb and I think I'm pretty good at them. Here are a few examples:

Here I am, in 2006, on the steps of the British Museum with a group of Spanish teens. Were you photobombing in 2006? (Probably.)

Without my background grimace, this would be just another photo of Cooper Howell drinking bottled water while in line at Space Mountain. Surprise!

Look here! Just another day in Versailles with my Japanese friends.

But sometimes the tables get turned. I would like to show you what may be the best photobomb, possibly, EVER:

This is me (red hat) and a bunch of the apostle actors on an island in Sicily. There is a guy standing between me and James (sunglasses.) WE HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS.

In this photo, taken just seconds later, HE'S GONE. All that remains is a right leg. Where did he go? Who was he? Why is he so awesome? How can I tell him to shave his goatee?

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