Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sell it to me, baby!!

When you watch this, what do you think?

Do you think, "Why, that commercial is right!! Let's not get into why I voluntarily purchased an animal who lives in my home and poops in a box in the corner...let's focus on the fact that kitty litter IS heavy and that funny cat gave that woman a massage and I AM going to go and buy that kitty litter! Well done, advertisers!!" Of course you don't. You more likely think, "What the?! That's creepy?! Why is that cat rubbing her? I am going to go take a shower and talk with my bishop about just how wrong that commercial made me feel!! I will never buy a cat OR kitty litter again!!" Advertisers, you failed.

Let's try another one. What do you think when you see this:
Did you think, "Well, that is INDEED what my life is missing (no pun intended, self.) I need more Ashley Judd running around with an angry face yelling a lot!" I don't think you do. I think you think "Oy vey. That looks AWFUL." Advertisers, you failed again. (Or maybe TV developers are the ones who failed on this one.)

I am not an advertiser. But you know these things are seen by dozens of copy editors, managers, executives, creative types and janitors before they ever make it to TV. And why doesn't ONE of those people say "Wait a minute. This is terrible! No one wants to see this on TV! Our brand is doomed!!" Why must everyone just nod and say, "That's it! That massaging cat is our ticket to success!!"

Now try this one on for size:
Wow. Polio? Toddlers with razors? Leaf blowers? Dee-lighful. And, don't you think paying $1 a month for razors is the greatest idea ever? I signed up (click here if you want to sign up too.) I mean, they are $1! And the people who make them are funny! Even if they send me slightly sharpened grapefruit spoons to shave with, for $1 I'll give it a go. 

So, advertising executives who read this blog, take note. Hire people who will tell you "No. That is a terrible idea. People don't want to see cats giving back rubs." We're not dumb. You can't convince us that Ashley Judd is going to be anything but verry, verry boring, no matter how many "I just smelled a fart" faces she makes (seriously, watch that video again - I count 13.) If you are an advertising executive, hire funny and creative people. And if you are not funny and/or creative, then don't go into advertising. And if that cat made you smile, please go talk to your bishop. There is help out there for you. 

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