Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Must Remember This.

We here at Part Time Authors have been wondering about you, the reader. What makes you tick? What is something that we can all talk about? And so, I would love it if you could just drop a little note in the comments about the following:

The first girl I ever kissed was Jenny Lloyd. We were in the Orem Jr High School production of 'Ghost Chasers' and we were in 8th grade. (Side note: My two older brothers had told me the summer before my 7th grade year that I should kiss a girl in 7th grade and French kiss a girl in 8th grade, so this story is already a year behind. Side side note: I did not French kiss a girl until 10th grade when I was dating a senior; she eventually put a stop to it, on moral grounds.) Now for my memory: Jenny was playing a young beautiful new patient in this hospital that was now being taken over by ghosts and the like. She was dressed in a light green dress and sometimes had a white coat and a suit case. She was very pretty, just as her character.

For her memory: I was playing a 'dancing skeleton' and I looked it. The 'Dancing Skeleton' costume was an over sized, black (with iron-on bones), one-piece suit that hung on me like I was wearing my older brother's pajamas. But that's not the worst thing. The worst thing was that my makeup was:
1. A layer of white all over the face;
2. Black around the eyes; and
3. So that our faces would show up under the black lights as we danced, the entire face was covered with some glow-in-the-dark goop that was the consistency of Vaseline that would periodically drip drops of glop as I walked.

There it is, while I was looking at her in her Sunday best, she was looking at me--a 86-pound burn victim with eye liner.

It wasn't but years later that I thought of my first kiss from Jenny Lloyd's point of view. I am pretty sure that her first kiss was some kid in her 'Ideas*' class at Aspen Elementary, so while it wasn't her first it was still a kiss and she did look into my blacked-out goopy eyes, noted the double toothed smile (my real teeth and the ones drawn around my mouth) and promptly shut her own eyes as I went in for the kill. A memorable moment for each of us, no doubt.

And so I come to you. There is only one first kiss in your life, just that one. Now, you don't have to go into deep detail but I would like to have you comment. Just so the world remembers. Please post who and how it was. It could be two words: "Hillary Duff. Badly." but then we would all know. So do tell!!! Really, go on! Push the button.

*"Ideas" was a class for smart kids that I was not a part of. It was when I realized two things: One, I am not smart.
Two, I like smart girls.
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