Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Top 20 Summer Reads

Summer is upon us and if you are like me you are planning which books you are taking on vacation next month. Or maybe I am the only one who does that. I love to read and my idea of a dream vacation is to sit somewhere sunny, near water, with an icy Diet Coke and a stack of books and read for days. So if you are not sure what to read this summer, here are some of my tried and true favorites, presented in a fancy Amazon slide show (just click on the book to buy it!)

 Disclaimer: I have a horrible memory when it comes to inappropriate content in books. I read it and then promptly forget it. So don't go recommending these books to your grandma and then sending me angry letters when she is offended at the horrific penguin slaughtering scene, or because someone has an affair, or because someone says "Dagnabit" or other such inappropriateness. I just know these were books that moved me and I enjoyed one way or another. I make no guarantees that they are rated G.

What's on your list for the summer? Or what are your favorites from past summers. Weigh in in the comments and tell me what I need to get.
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