Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Link Roundup: The Art of Book Covers

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Friday Link Round Up. I have "scoured" the Internet this "week" for the "best" links from around "the" web. Today we have videos of world-class drummer and comedian Fred Armisen, a lovely site showcasing the art of book covers, and an article about the myths of multi-tasking.

As always, I have tried to find something to help everyone. Yay!

A Video Guide to Fred Armisen's Pre-'SNL' Years
Some of these videos are harmless and some are highly offensive. I don't know your personal taste so I can't tell you more than that except really don't watch the home movie versions of the Self-Defense character.

The Book Cover Archive
Love this.

How to Customize Your Computer's Batter Warnings and Avoid Surprise Laptop Death
It's happened to all of us.

What Multi-tasking Does to Our Brains
Hint: It's not "makes you more productive."

Six Word Stories
Clever site. However, not all of the words are always appropriate.

What did you find on the web this week?
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